Adult Dog Adoption Application

This is the application for consideration in adopting an adult dog if the need to rehome one of my past pups arises. I do not have a lot of rehomes as I try and do my best to only let my pups go to people who understand that puppies grow into dogs and are lifelong commitments. With that being said, we don't live in a perfect world and sometime it is necessary to rehome for the dogs best interest. I keep in contact with all the dogs that I have produced and their families, so I typically know personality, quirks, and habits (good or bad). If there were any obedience issues, behavioral issues, etc, I would be 100% transparent. After all, I would want a rehome to be successful and that only comes with transparency and honesty. The end goal would be to make sure that he/she would never have to be in that position again.

Please answer all of the questions below and then submit.

Do you currently own any dogs?
Have you ever re-homed a pet? Or surrendered a dog to a shelter or rescue?
Do you currently own any non-canine animals?
Do you prefer male or female?
Would you consider the opposite sex if your preference is not available?
Would you consider adopting an adult dog that is part of my guardian program?
If the adult dog needs professional training are you willing to go through training with them?
Is anyone in the home allergic to dogs?
Are all members of the household comfortable around the presence of a dog that may jump up until trained not to?
Do you understand that Olde English Bulldogges are a shedding breed?
Which of the following do you live in?
Do you rent or own?
Do you have a fenced in yard?

Thanks for submitting!