What is a Guardian home?

Because I often want to keep certain lines, but don’t have the space to keep all the pups with me, I will place them in their forever homes but retain the breeding rights. What this means is that you get a well-bred puppy at a reduced price. You will raise and train the pup in your home. I pay all vet costs associated with breeding, and you will pay all those associated with standard dog ownership. Once the pup has reached breeding age (2), I will determine if they are of breeding quality. If they are not, they will need to be spayed/neutered. If they are of breeding quality, things after that are a little different depending on if the Guardian home is for male or female.


If you receive a female guardian puppy things are pretty simple for the first 2 years. We will work together to arrange visits either at my home or yours so that she continues to know and be comfortable around me. After she reaches 2 years of age and is determined to be of breeding quality, then I will arrange for her to meet up with a stud.

Once bred, she will come back home to you until she is around 50-55 days along. At that time, she would come to my home for whelping (giving birth) and will stay until pups are weaned. During this time, her family is welcome and encouraged to be an active part of this process. After her final litter, she will need to be spayed and then I will sign over her paperwork. She would then live out her life with you as your family pet. 

If you receive a male guardian puppy, things are a little more simple. Basically, you just need to make sure your pup is available for stud service when needed. Once he is retired from breeding, he will need to be neutered and then I will sign over his registration. He will then continue to live his best life with you as your family pet.


Requirements for being a guardian home:




*I have all my breeding dogs going to the same vet, so while they are part of the guardian program they would need vet with Dr. Teri Michaels in Hartford for her annual check-ups and any major health concerns. Minor issues can be handled by a vet closer to you if you live further away.

*Be willing to meet up so that he/she continues to be comfortable around me.

*Live near the Sioux Falls area OR be willing to commute to Sioux Falls when needed and for Vet appointments.

*Feed as instructed. Nutrition is very important for all animals, but even more so for breeding animals. I would require that any pup in the guardian program be on a specified food. (No worries, I'm not going to ask that you spend a fortune, but around $50 a bag is typical)

*Committed to training. I need for his/her training to be continued after he/she leaves me. If there is ever any issues with training, I would need to be notified so that I am able to help.

*Make him/her accessible during breeding times

I think that the one thing I want to make most clear is that this program was set up with the well-being of my guardian home pups as my first priority. It is designed to make sure that they remain comfortable during the entire process. I am looking for an individual, couple, or family that views this program as an amazing experience and an awesome journey that they get to be part of. I understand that this sort of arrangement isn't for everybody and most certainly not for anybody that views this program or the requirements as a "burden".

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message (website, facebook, or text) and I would be more than happy to discuss with you! Thank you for your interest!