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Conditional Pet Homes

 Conditional Pet homes are only for male pups. Sometimes I will have a pup that I feel has a lot of potential and want to be able to watch him grow. A conditional pet home allows me to keep the door open for potentially using him as a stud or offering stud services on him in the future.  Conditional Pet Homes are just as they homes that have conditions or stipulations. CPH owners  should expect for their pup to stay intact for at least 5 years, if not longer, but that isn't much different than my traditional pet homes. The main difference from a conditional pet home vs a traditional pet home is that there is a potential to earn monetary funds. So how this works:

Around a year old, I decide whether or not to keep him in my breeding program. If he does not remain in the breeding program, he will switch over to a traditional pet home. If he does stay in the breeding program, then the following is part of the CPH owner's agreement:

*Pup will be kept on the recommended food and any supplements.

*CPH owners must be willing to learn how to collect semen or willing to go to a vet to have them collect if the CPH is too far from me to do it myself. 

*Must be willing to learn how to ship semen (super easy).

*The benefit of being a CPH owner is that there is monetary compensation involved. CPH owners will earn 50% of any monetary stud service.

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